Mid May we have successfully ran a 3 half-days webinar, the second part of the pilot course addressing the Cybersecurity Consultant role profile.

The Course “Becoming a Cybersecurity Consultant” was developed and deployed by applying elements of the CONCORDIA Methodology for creating courses for cybersecurity professionals [Link].


The Course is structured in two parts and is organized around three main learning objectives:

  1. Threats – Get updated on the existing and emerging cybersecurity threats, the assets possible to be impacted, and the latest models of attacks.
  2. Technology – Become knowledgeable about specific technological threats, learn how to anticipate and prevent them, while developing proactive management skills.
  3. Economics – Get an understanding of the economics behind cybersecurity activities within your organization. Learn about risk management and information security to protect the corporate reputation and preserve customer loyalty.
For WHO? and HOW?

The Course aims at helping individuals already active in the cybersecurity area acquire a set of knowledge and skills we have identified as relevant and important for the European market. The Course is suitable also for individuals planning to follow a career in cybersecurity, including middle managers and executives.

We invite you to check the Course page [Link] to discover the set of knowledge and skills covered by the course, and the content of the two parts: the online module, and the face-to-face module.

WHAT more?

We attached to the Course “Becoming a Cybersecurity Consultant” the skills certification scheme “Certified Cybersecurity Consultant”. People attending the course will get access to the Certification exam – C3 by CONCORDIA.


The next round of the Course “Becoming a Cybersecurity Consultant” is planned for October 2021. Should you be interested to be informed when we will open the registration process you can drop us an email at contact@concordia-h2020.eu.

In order to help you take the decision, we list below the testimonials received from the participants to the pilot course and addressed to the future potential applicants.

“Gain hands-on experience on evaluating and dealing with protection of assets and get a chance to discuss with other experts on the field of cybersecurity.”

“The course is well laid out and organized into different modules, with a lot of interesting details in each module included, and quizzes to keep you engaged with the content. Also, the exercises in the hands-on sessions are cool and can entice your interest to look into these tools further, beyond the duration of the course.”

“A great overview with practical examples of how to tackle security in cyberspace.”

“This was exactly what I needed to improve my knowledge in cybersecurity”

“One of a kind! State of the art tools and technologies presented in a comprehensive manner! A must have for any cybersecurity professional!”

“Even some of the topics may look easy or too common, it is very important to have such a course that puts all these things together.”

“Great seminar to start your cybersecurity consultant career in which you will learn from a variety of topics covering a wide aspect of security from technical to financial.”

“Very well-structured course, offers a complete overview of the several cybersecurity aspects. Perfect for beginners.”