The need for skilled cybersecurity staff has never been higher. We know this, and we react. CONCORDIA H2020 project will deliver you educational content, specialized webinars, and powerful tools to improve your capabilities in designing your hands-on cybersecurity training in the following weeks.

As you may know, the CONCORDIA H2020 project released the KYPO Cyber Range Platform (KYPO CRP) as open source. We did it to help solve the problem of many lacking cybersecurity experts as part of our strategy to boost European Digital Sovereignty.

The response of the community was very positive. We got great feedback, established new relations, and won the 7th edition of the European Commission’s Innovation Radar Prize in the Disruptive Technologies category.

However, we realized that the open-source cyber range, although an impactful tool, requires further support. That’s why we decided again significantly boost the community of people who would like to design their hands-on cybersecurity training. Here we mention what we are planning to deliver in the following weeks.

1. A serie of educational videos

We plan to create a series of videos that will show you how you can design your cybersecurity training using KYPO CRP. These videos will cover all the necessary steps to deliver the training for your learners.

2. KYPO CRP Lite
Deployment of KYPO CRP, including the OpenStack cloud platform, can be a demanding task. We will release a new tool that can deploy KYPO CRP quickly with zero configuration, enabling users to evaluate KYPO CRP or create KYPO content without being a DevOps expert. You can KYPO CRP Lite deploy to any major cloud provider or powerful desktop/server. In other words, you can have your KYPO CRP for designing cybersecurity training in a few hours.

3. New release of KYPO CRP
KYPO 22.06 release brings exciting new features to make the platform easier to deploy, support high availability for critical workloads, and increase interoperability with a broader range of OpenStack public cloud providers.

New features:

  • Ansible & Docker Compose deployment was replaced by Terraform & Kubernetes, supporting native and standardized HA deployments.
  • Sandbox service uses Terraform instead of Heat for its orchestration engine, adding support for easier portability to different cloud providers.
  • Sandbox provisioners run on top of Kubernetes instead of Docker. This allows running a large number of parallel sandboxes provisioners scaled with the size of a Kubernetes cluster instead of the resources of a single Docker host.
  • KYPO now supports running sandbox environments on local VirtualBox machines instead of the cloud platform instances.

4. Training the European workforce of tomorrow: cyber ranges in practice

CONCORDIA, SPIDER and FORESIGHT projects organize a webinar that will zoom in on a set of their developed cyber ranges simulating realistic domain environments, equipment, infrastructures and data.

Information and registration here:

5.  Webinar: “How to design your hands-on cybersecurity training”

The webinar will provide an introduction into designing cybersecurity training on the example of specific use case.

  • Firstly, we will cover the basic methodological questions like setting the goal for the training or structuring the learning experience.
  • Then we will demonstrate the training development using KYPO CRP.
  • Finally, we will give you quick guide how to use KYPO CRP Lite tool to make the design of training as simple as possible for you.

The webinar will take place May 31st (Tuesday) at 13:00-15:00 CET (the time may be changed little bit due to the speakers).  If you are interested to take part in this webinar, you can already preregister here:

Webinar preregistration