The goal of this new platform is to monitor ICT standardisation and to provide an accurate and up-to-date coverage of ICT standards on different topics. In addition, the EUOS provides a place for ICT experts to meet and collaborate with others on standardisation.

The EUOS has two main functionalities:

  1. Discussion Groups – a collaborative, networking space to provide users to join the conversation with other ICT members by starting new discussions on relevant ICT topics, creating Technical Working Groups (TWG) groups, creating and editing documents, setting up live chats, video calls or sharing calendar of events or simply valuable insights around the ICT standardisation arena, and
  2. Standards Repository – a library of the most relevant standards covering the pivotal ICT fields, continuously updated and integrated with user-friendly search functionality to allow a smooth browsing.

Currently the Technical Working Groups include blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data spaces, data interoperability, cybersecurity , smart cities, and trusted information, but more will be created as need arises.

The standards repository is an invaluable collection of information, offering experts an overview of different standards from different standard development organisations in one location. Experts are encouraged to join the discussion groups to offer insights and disseminate the findings of the work they have done in their projects, while bringing back valuable information from these groups.

Find out more about the EUOS here and find a TWG you may be interested or contact StandICT ( to see how you can get involved.