10.00 – 11.00 CET, 18 December 2020

This webinar will provide an ecosystem based vision of cybersecurity standards, addressing

  • the need for coordination between stakeholders in an ecosystem
  • the integration of cybersecurity concerns in the engineering of systems
  • the assurance of complex systems.

The webinar will cover work carried out in ISO/IEC JTC1 and ISO

  • architecture and system engineering (AG8, SC7)
  • security and privacy (SC27, PC317)
  • trustworthiness (WG13, SC27, SC41, SC42)
  • impact on AI on security and privacy (SC27)

Two use cases will presented: connected vehicles and data spaces for energy.

The webinar will be presented by Antonio Kung.

Antonio Kung is co-founder and chief executive officer of Trialog. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of cyber physical systems and the Internet of Things, he brings expertise and know-how particularly on architecture, interoperability or data security and protection. He was the coordinator of numerous national and European collaborative projects in these fields. He is active in standardisation on the Internet of Things, security and data protection, and the editor of ISO/IEC standards 27550, 27556, 27030, 27570, 21823-3. He became CEO of Trialog in 2018. Antonio has a master degree from Harvard university and an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris.