Four pilots on “Building a cybersecurity ecosystem to secure Europe's society” at the Community of Users Conference

Building a cybersecurity ecosystem to secure Europe's society

The Community of Users conference, held in Brussels on 29 March 2019, brought together practitioners, experts, industry, policy-makers, scientists, and civil society organisations to discuss and share experiences on how to build secure, safe and resilient societies.
CONCORDIA, ECHO, SPARTA and CyberSec4Europe led the second session dedicated to Building a cybersecurity ecosystem to secure European society. Together, they presented how the European Community of Users will benefit from their work and overall from enhanced cybersecurity capabilities, the main challenges Europe seeks to tackle by launching the four pilots and the benefits they will bring for the cybersecurity ecosystem. With an investment of more than €63.5 million in the four pilots, the main goal is to pool Europe’s cybersecurity expertise and to build a network of centres which will help to strengthen EU’s cybersecurity capabilities. The four pilot projects will be instrumental in preparing the European cybersecurity ecosystem to implement EU’s vision for a more secure digital Europe.