CONCORDIA project aims to work out and suggest high-school teachers teaching methodologies and associated materials to utilize when discussing cyber-security and cyber-safety with their pupils. In view of understanding the real needs in terms of topics and type of materials we have developed a survey and launched the English version in December 2020.


Via this survey we plan to collect input from the following audiences:

  • European high-school Teachers,
  • European high school Students
  • European Parents of high school students
  • European European school Management

The Survey in your language!

In order to make our survey more accessible, we translated it into six languages. It is now available also in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Dutch.

If you would like to see the survey translated in another EU language please drop us an email at and we will try to accommodate your request.

Get involved

Help us suggest teachers teaching methodologies and materials to address cybersecurity in high-school by filling in the Survey here: