The SPARTA Cybersecurity Training and Awareness team launched the Curricula Designer, a tool that connects education providers with cybersecurity job market.

What it does?

The Curricula Designer is a simple free web-based application that helps education and training providers to design cybersecurity curricula that reflect needs of current job market. By the ability to precisely select the content of courses and see the impact of training components on gained competence, curricula administrators may tailor the study programs according to specific strengths of particular training providers and target specific graduate profiles. The tool may be used to either design new curricula or analyze existing curricula and thus evaluate how the study programs meet the requirements of particular cybersecurity work role profiles.

How it works?

After the specification of courses in the left section and their composition into curricula in the middle section, the users may see an analysis of the curricula with respect to the NIST NICE Work Role requirements in the right section. Furthermore, statistical data about topics and competencies covered are provided to users. The tool also contains the good-practice curricula example and may be used to import/export custom-designed curricula.