In CONCORDIA we aim to promote workforce diversity in the field of cybersecurity. We incentivize women to join the field of cybersecurity and we raise awareness on the promising career paths. That’s the reason why we will take part in 6th ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage 2019 with our workshop Women in Cybersecurity: A manifesto for TODAY.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for engaging with stakeholders from different areas of cybersecurity to agree on a common plan of actions in view of bridging the gender gap by increasing the number of women in cybersecurity.
Representatives of the cybersecurity industry, policy, education, research, entrepreneurship and investment areas are invited to join the workshop and bring their contribution to the discussion with real cases and innovative ideas that could incentivize, especially, young professionals to join the domain of cybersecurity.

Intended Goals and Outcomes:

The workshop is intended to provide a supportive environment to fertilise the collaboration among relevant stakeholders, aiming to develop a common vision to support women engagement in the cybersecurity area and better coordinate the work across different communities.

The expected workshop outcome is the launch of the “Women in Cyber – a Manifesto for TODAY”. The workshop format is designed to promote a lively discussion among participants to collect their feedback and to converge on the final version of the Manifesto, that will be officially launched at the end of the workshop.

Program: available here