It’s been almost a year since education experts of the four pilot projects CONCORDIA, CyberSecurity4Europe, ECHO and SPARTA came together and set up the Cybersecurity Competence Network CCN Education group.

The CCN Education group looks into the creation of a European education ecosystem for cybersecurity to support the work of the future network of cyber competence centres and contribute to the EU efforts in closing the cybersecurity skills gap. The CCN Education group aims at taking advantage of the strengths of each pilot project, combining and consolidating the available resources and investing them in complimentary activities that converge to a common goal.The collaboration is structured around specific strands, from mapping existing programmes and courses to a common skills framework, from the creation of innovative certification schemes to developing the European education ecosystem. ENISA has been overseeing the cross-pilot cooperation by acting as an independent, competent and trusted partner.

As we progress in our work towards fulfilling this objective, we would like to request your valuable input. In which areas of cybersecurity education do you think we should be investing our efforts for the next two years?

Join the discussions during the CONVERGENCE on 10 December from 15:45 CET to hear what we did so far and share your views on the priorities for a strong European education ecosystem for cybersecurity!