This morning ECHO partners gathered in their living rooms for our first year General Assembly, replacing the original Rome face-to-face event. The meeting was opened by special guest, our EC Project Officer, Monica Lanzenberger, followed by keynotes from Wim Mees Project Coordinator, and Matteo Merialdo PIM of ECHO.
82 team members were present at the assembly, representing all 30 ECHO partners.
This GA offered a complete overview of the project and it was quite important to ensure that all partners were aware of the main results/successes/challenges of the project in its first 15 months.
The main messages included: we are on track, we are successfully managing the actual, difficult situation, with success. First, concrete results from all WPs were already published and we started the demonstration cases of the ECHO Early Warning system well ahead of schedule. But more importantly, we were acting as a collaborative Network and we know can definitely help the EU reaching its digital strategic autonomy!
The next steps will be to enlarge the network with new partners/participants and to keep working hard on our research topics and our tools and systems!